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Citizenship of Spain

On the 1st of October 2015, new law 12/2015 of 24 June came into force, according to this law there will be a special procedure of obtaining Spanish citizenship and the need to renounce applicant’s previous citizenship is cancelled. The period of applications has a deadline of three years with possibility to extend for a year as per decision of Council of Ministers.

Application process consist of 4 steps:

  1. Application for citizenship and opening of a case is sent through electronic portal under this link: http://www.justicia.sefardies.notariado.org/liferay/web/sefardies/inicio
  1. Personal meeting with notary in Spain (it is not possible to have it outside of Spain). In case of underage or incapable, it can be a legal representative.
  2. The decision is made within a year by the General Direction of Registration and Notary (Dirección General de Registros y Notariado, DGRN) based on received reports.
  3. Within one year it is necessary to personally come to competent civil register office to take the oath of allegiance to the King and the obligation to respect the constitution and laws of Spain, as well as to register birth and citizenship.