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Nowadays one of the most real ways to get Israeli citizenship is to get acknowledged by Israeli government that applicant has Jewish roots. This means the client becomes the country’s repatriate.

Program “Acknowledgement of Jewish roots as a way to obtain citizenship”

One of the programs allowing in the shortest period obtain Israeli citizenship. For this purpose, it is necessary to prove blood relationship with a citizen of Israel referring to the Law of Return of 1950.


  • Citizen of Israel who were born away from Israel. Mandatory condition: one of the parents must be Israeli citizen.
  • Applicant born on the territory of Israel and taken away from the country by the parents (for applicants 1 – 17 years old)
  • Clear criminal record
  • Applying for residence permit in the country of applicant’s residence.

Application process 

Benefits of the program “Acknowledgement of Jewish roots as a way to obtain citizenship”

Stable economic situation in the country

Highly qualified healthcare system

It gives a right for visa-free entry to over 150 countries around the world

Possibility to get a 10-year visa to such countries as UK, Canada, USA

No tax for the period of 10 years

We guarantee You

Full legal assistance by experienced specialists

We provide a personal legal consultant ready for all-inclusive cooperation 24/7

Preparation of the full package of documents “on the turn-key basis”, accompanying till the moment of obtaining residence permit

Documenting all the family members for family reunion visa in the shortest period

We provide complex medical insurance

Guarantee of confidentiality at any stage of our relationships, starting with your first call.

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