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Integrated investment program with the purpose of obtaining residence permit on the territory of the Republic of San Marino. It gives the applicant a right to stay in the country for a period up to 5 years with possibility of further extension.

Program “Automatic residence permit”

One of the programs allowing a foreigner to stay on the territory of San Marino. For this purpose, it is necessary to invest in one or more projects, as a way to finance the country’s economy.


  • Open a joint-stock or limited liability company
  • Provide a long-term business plan (at least 5 years)
  • Provide resumes of the participants of the chosen project
  • Employ at least 5 (five) country residents
  • Essential part – purchase of real estate for at least EUR 300 000
  • Alternative option – rental of real estate for at least EUR 300 000 (it is mandatory to provide rental agreement)


  • Foreigner who has reached the age of 18 years old
  • High qualification of the personnel in particular spheres
  • No criminal record
  • Proof of financial viability

Application process 

Benefits of living in the Republic of San Marino

No criminal component in the country

Validity – five years with possibility of automatic extension

Beneficial conditions for family reunion visa

Free medical insurance

Free education

High level of safety

Waiting period is not more than 120-150 days from the moment of applying

It gives a right to move and live in any EU country visa-free

Simplified taxing regimen

We guarantee You

Full legal assistance by experienced specialists

We provide a personal legal consultant ready for all-inclusive cooperation 24/7

Preparation of the full package of documents “on the turn-key basis”, accompanying till the moment of obtaining residence permit

Documenting all the family members for family reunion visa in the shortest period

We provide complex medical insurance

Guarantee of confidentiality at any stage of our relationships, starting with your first call.

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